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Effective September 1st, 2015, the co-marketing partnership between Scepter Marine and Moeller Marine will end. Click here for more details.

Scepter Marine - Our record of innovation is well earned in the marine industry. Scepter played a leading role in converting the marine industry from traditional metal gas cans to HDPE outboard fuel tanks. The result: safer, more durable and reliable performance for boat owners around the world.

"The #1 Marine Tank in the world is made by Scepter"

Today, leading OEM manufactures such as Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, and others recommend Scepter's tanks for their outboard motors. Scepter's OEM marine tanks meet numerous international standards, certifications and approvals including CSA, SAI Global (Australia), JCI, IMCI and others, making Scepter's premium "OEM Choice" tanks universally accepted around the world.  Scepter Canada Inc. management system has been certified to ISO 9001. 

Where there are Scepter marine fuel tanks, you are sure to find Scepter gas jerry cans. Scepter offers one of the most comprehensive lines of gas fuel containers in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. From gas, to diesel, to kerosene, Scepter has a solution for your needs.

Through Scepter's extensive distributor network, we provide a complete range of:

  • Portable marine fuel tanks
  • Topside marine fuel tanks
  • Permanent below deck fuel tanks
  • Fittings
  • In-line fuel filters
  • Fuel lines, connectors and valves
  • Waste & water tanks
  • Electrical Sending Units
  • Marine paint & accessories

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