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Scepter Canada Inc.

Specialty Jerry Cans

Scepter manufactures Jerry Cans to the demanding requirements of domestic and international military institutions worldwide. Constructed for the harshest of environments, Scepter has available a "civilian" model of these cans. Built to withstand the extremes, this could be the best Jerry Can you ever buy.

  • UN approved
  • Used by most NATO countries
  • Fits standard military bracket
  • Fluoroelastomer gasket doesn't swell
  • Can be used with blended fuels
  • Available in Olive drab
  • 20L capacity
  • Available pour spout
  • NOTE: product cannot be sold in the United States where CARB/OTC Portable Fuel Container & Spout Regulations governing the sale of portable fuel containers. Container is not CARB-compliant. 

Product # 06092

5 gal/20L Civilian

Product # 04933

5.3 gal/20L Water Can

Available in the U.S.

Product # 03609

5.3 gal/20L "Jeep Style" Gas Can

Available in CARB approved version - Product # 05086

Product # 03711

5.3 gal/20L "Jeep Style" Diesel Can

Available in CARB approved version - Product # 05090

Scepter Canada Inc.

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