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Scepter Canada Inc.
Topside Fuel & OEM

Portable Fuel Tanks, OEM CHOICE and Topside Above-Deck Tanks

OEM ChoiceScepter Marine is your one-source solution for innovative fuel tank technology. We’ve revolutionized the marine industry standards for topside fuel tanks through innovation brought to the market with Ameri-Kart, a sister company of Scepter, providing engineered solutions that look and perform better than any other fuel tanks available. Above-deck tanks are available in both standard and EPA/Low Permeation versions to satisfy almost any requirement. OEM CHOICE tank options offer the same quality standards demanded by leading OEMs worldwide.

Scepter has added 2 new designs (3 and 6 gallon) exclusively as Aftermatket portable tanks.  These tanks incorporate the most modern technologies, materials and manufacturing processes.    These tanks are terrific for low profile applications and stack on dealer shelves!

ALL Scepter marine portable marine tanks are made exclusively in Scepter facilities and undergo the exact same testing that all OEM tanks experience before being released for sale.

Performance garranteed.   

Low Permeation 16, 20 and 24 gallon (53 to 91L) topside tank options to meet all new requirements. This new low perm technology is being used today by the marine industry’s leading boat builders for their below-deck tanks.

These larger Topside tanks are available in 3 different fuel capacities and models that meet the needs of boats manufactured prior to 2011 as well as boats manufactured after 2011.

04158 OEM Choice
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